Chicken and Quinoa Nuggests

Who doesn't love chicken nuggets? Its been a long exhausting day and the kids are nagging you to get McDonalds for Dinner! They are screaming for the usual 6 piece nugget Mchappy meal, you're tempted purely for the fact its convenient and you can't be bothered to cook, well never fear because this recipe is fast, easy and freezable!


This recipe is very forgiving and you can add anything you want but this particular recipe has been altered to be gentle for my 1 year old baby girl. (I personally have used some cajun spice and smoked paprika for the and it was next level AMAZING.)






Recipe: Makes 18- 20 nuggets



2 chicken breasts at room temperature

1/2 cup of white quinoa

1 teaspoon of garlic

1 teaspoon of cumin

2 tablespoons of sesame seeds

1 teaspoon of parsley
A bowl of quinoa flour for dusting

salt and pepper to season




In a saucepan add the half a cup of quinoa and bring to the boil, cook for 15 minutes until quinoa is soft and soggy. You can cook quinoa to different consistencies but for this recipe the soggier the better! Drain off quinoa and ring out excess water.

Blend chicken breast in a high powder blender to make chicken mince. ( Alternatively buy already minced chicken). Add to a bowl with the quinoa and all the other ingredients. Roll mix into some quinoa flour and press into desired shapes. Cook for 5 minutes in a pan with a thin layer of olive oil. Allow to cool and pat dry on some paper towel. 


The kids will definitely love this one! serve with sweet potato fries and your favourite condiments for a healthier takeout alternative and any leftovers can be frozen for next time. Enjoy! :)


Alternatively add some garlic, smoked paprika and cajun spice for a fire kicker nugget that is to die for.

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