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Today I was feeling creative, wanting to make a light tasty lunch but still sticking to my predominate plant based diet. How can I consume as many vegetables as possible whilst keeping it light and fresh? SUSHI OF COURSE!

These rainbow rice rolls are completely vegan, containing only brown rice, quinoa and veggies. The dyes used to colour our rice were as follows

Pink- Super Smoothies AFTER GLOW powder mixed with some water and apple cider vinegar

Blue- Hoppers natural vegan food colouring

Yellow-Hoppers natural vegan food colouring





2 nori seaweed sheets

1 cup of quinoa

1 cup of brown rice

2 drops of each blue and yellow colouring

1/2 teaspoon of AFTER GLOW

1/4 red capsicum

1/4 cucumber

1 carrot peeled into thin slithers

1/2 avocado

1/2 cups of sauerkraut ( we recommend peace love and vegetables ranges they are amazing )

1/4 pack of pickled ginger

Small dish of water for rolling process

Soy sauce to finish





Boil you're brown rice and quinoa for 15 minutes until soft, once cooked drained and whilst warm add your apple cider vinegar, this not only adds flavour but helps the rice to stick as we have substituted normal sushi rice for a wholegrain option. Divide into three bowls adding your colours and stirring until all the rice turns your desired colour. Pop in the fridge to cool


Veggie Prep:

Wash and slice all your veggies super thin into long strips except for the carrot, these you can peel all the way to the core to get super thin elongated slices. The ginger and sauerkraut are already prepared for you.


Sushi Rolls:


On a sushi mat, place the nori sheets shiny side down and place your different coloured rice sporadically all over 3/4 of your seaweed sheet. Place your veggies and pickels in the middle of the rice bed keeping it organised in a nice line. Dunk your fingers in the water and run along the edge of the seaweed furtherest away from you. Tightly using your bamboo mat start to roll tightly but not too tightly your break the delicate seaweed ( Tip! if the rice hasn't cooled enough the heat will soften the seaweed too much and make it super hard to work with! ). Once rolled place in the fridge for 10 mins allowing everything to set into place. With a super sharp knife cut into even portions and serve with soy sauce.







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