Why Glutamine Is Your New Best Friend

If you have ever had a consult with me you have probably already heard me carry on about my deep love for glutamine! I even added it to both of my superfood blends! I personally am a practitioner that loves to educate my clients on how to live a healthier, happier more holistic lifestyle. I want my clients to be able to make better choices in regards to their health, for me a big part of this is food as medicine! Choosing food to nourish our bodies rather than supplementing for me is always a better option, although in come cases, clients with dietary restrictions such as Veganism, supplementation may be the best option, and thats totally okay. In this article I'll explain why glutamine as a nutrient is super nourishing for your body, where to find it in food sources and if supplementation is required, dosage instructions. You've probably heard gym junkies talking about the benefits of glutamine and athletic performance but let me tell you their are many more reasons why you should be consuming more glutamine in your diet. Let me dive into this a little deeper for you.




Exercise / Body Building

Glutamine is the most commonly found amino acid in your muscles. Because of its nitrogen containing make up, glutamine is a major transporter of nitrogen to the muscle cells. Studies have shown that supplementation of glutamine can minimise  muscle breakdown, improve protein metabolism increasing muscle mass. During intense exercise our glutamine levels decrease greatly which can decrease strength, stamina and recovery time.  If you are looking to shed fat and build lean muscle this is the amino acid for you!


Digestive / Immune Health:

Glutamine is essential for maintaining intestinal function and aiding in the immune response as well.  After glutamine is synthesized in skeletal muscle it is released into the bloodstream and transported to the kidney, liver and small intestine and cells of the immune system where it plays another vital role. Glutamine is used by white blood cells and contributes to normal immune-system function. Glutamine has been proven to be a vital nutrient in intestinal wall cells to rebuild and repair cells in the digestive tract. For this reason its the main nutrient dpescribed in inflammatory bowl incidtions such as IBS and Leaky Gut. Because of its healing anti-inflammatory properties it can be used as a bandaid for ulcers, protecting them from further damage allowing the ulcers to heal over.


Brain function:
Nervous system cells thrive on glutamine as a primary energy source. Glutamine is one of the main neurotransmitters of the brain and can help aid in healthy brain function, improving memory, clarity and blood circulation.



One the glutamine main roles within the body is to support detoxification processes by cleansing the body of high levels of  ammonia. Acting as a buffer it converts ammonia into other amino acids or amino sugars.


Glutamine Food Sources:

Amino Acids are individuated building blocks needs to make protein, its no surprise that high protein contains foods will indeed contain high amounts of glutamine. This means mostly found in animal products- Bone Broth, Beef, Chicken and Cottage Cheese.


Never fear it can be found in plant based sources but in much smaller amounts. Asparagus, Spirulina, Chinese cabbage and broccoli are great sources of glutamine and i would recommend 3-5 serves of glutamine containing foods daily.



High quality glutamine powders are easily available these days for meat eater or vegans. I personally like to use a plant based option, more to maintain a clear conscious knowing my choices haven't affected the harm of animals in any way. 

2-5 grams once daily is the idea dosage range. For hardcore athletes this dodge can be taken twice daily.


Add glutamine powders into water, consuming during or after exercise for best results.


If interested contact me via email for product recommendations or check out my Super Smoothies Superfood Blends, both contain medicinal amounts of plant based glutamine.



Disclaimer: This article is purely for informative purposes. Individuals should seek advice from a health professional if looking to make dietary changes.

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