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I spent hours in the kitchen creating the perfect plant based waffles and nice cream for your next fancy breakky ( or anytime really, DINNER even! )


This recipe is high in plant based protein, lots of fibre, too many vitamins and minerals to name individually! I can personally assure after eating all my testings you won't feel bloated, have a sugar high nor the horrid after math of high sugar consumption! 





3/4 Cup of Protein Bread Co Protein Pancake mixture ( available online or in health food stores )

200ml of nut milk (I used coconut because its creamier and adds a delicious flavour! )

1 teaspoon of aluminium free baking powder

1 mashed banana

1/4 finally ground flax seed

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla paste ( not essence! )

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon

1/2 tablespoon of raw honey (more if desired but the nice cream and fruit it generally sweet enough )

2 bananas chopped and frozen over night

1/2 cup of raspberries

1 tablespoon of  AFTER GLOW Superfood Blend ( available in our store )

1 small can of lite coconut cream







The night before you want to eat, prep the nice cream. In a high powered blender add the frozen raspberries, banana, afterglow superfood powder and coconut cream and blend until a thick creamy consistency is reached! Place in a tray and freeze over night. Pull out ten minutes before you intend to serve the waffles. You want it to hold its texture but soft enough to scoop.



In a bowl add all the dry ingredients together, in a seperate bowl mash the banana, whisk in the vanilla paste and nut milk. Add the wet mixture to the dry ingredients and combined will until a thick batter has formed. Because this is a vegan option, the flaxseed, baking powder and banana are replacing the egg. The mixture will be a littler denser to what your used to but this happens a lot when using whole foods not refined ingredients but they are still delicious I assure you. You can add a little vinegar to the baking soda to create some air tot he batter but I didn't find it necessary in my last batch. 


Place the batter into a waffle iron and cook until golden brown.


Top the waffles with your nice cream and decorate the S#*T out of them with your favourite fruits.




*TIP: to make a vegan caramel sauce ( so not healthy but so dam delicious ) boil some sugar and water until you get toffee, let to cool and add coconut cream. This syrup will last 1 week in the fridge.*








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