Delicious Falafels - Vegan Friendly Recipe

Since posting my Falafels on my Instagram feed, I have received LOADS of messages asking for the recipe so here it is. This is my go to, quick and easy meal prep idea for the days I find myself time poor. I pop them in salads, with roasted veggies or my absolute favourite,  stuffed in wholemeal pita pockets with roasted Mediterranean veggies and taziki!

Falafels are high in plant based fibre, protein and low GI carbohydrates, meaning they will keep you fuller for longer whilst proving sustainable clean energy for the body, not to mention all the super micronutrients contained within!





1 can of organic Chickpeas drained

1 TBSP of organic Tahini

1 TSP of Lemon juice

1 TSP of Garlic

1/2 TSP of Onion powder

1/2 TSP of Cumin 

Pinch of Himalayan Salt and Pepper

Sesame seeds for garnishing




Place all ingredients together in blender until you can roll up the mixture into balls without them falling apart. If you find the mixture is too wet and sticky add some more dried spices until you reach the right consistency. Once rolled into balls lightly flatten them in between palms and fry in a non stick pan or with small amount of olive oil until crisp and brown on both sides.
Store in the fridge for up to 1 week!






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