Smokey Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burger

So this thing happened the other day, I was trying to using everything I had left over in the fridge to make lunch, putting a whole bunch of random ingredients together but what followed was next level AMAZING and by pure accident! I can honestly say I've never eaten a better burger. Made with fresh, plant based ingredients it didn't drip fat down my arms as I took a bite, it didn't leave me fulling bloated and overwhelmingly was just the perfectly balanced burger. This burger is full of fibre, plant based protein with deep smokey flavours accompanied by fresh cooling produce to balance it all out. The recipe is below.. I hope you enjoy it as much as i did.


1 x bun, I choose charcoal for the visual effect but any fresh bun is fine.

1/2 x Sweet Potato and Black Bean patty from Coles cut horizontally ( in the vegan section )
You could make your own but I really like this one, its quick, easy and DELICIOUS
4x slices of cold fresh cucumber
1 x heaped table spoon of NAKED FOODS CHIPOTLE (vegan) + splash of lime
or you can mix chipotle seasoning into normal mayo with the lime need be.

2x slices of tomato with salt and pepper.
spring of dill to season.


Pan fry the patty in a non stick pan, no oil is needed, until caramelised on both sides and cooked through, set aside to cool.
Start layering your fresh bun, Smear the Chipotle mayonnaise generously onto the bun, sprinkle the dill then add your cooled patty on top. Layer the cumber and tomato on top of the patty and finish with the top bun.
Its that easy and simple, super filling and satisfying. You wont be disappointed.
The cucumber and tomato really lift the smokey paprika flavours in the patty and aioli.

*Tip- If you not plant based, you could add cheese to this burger for extra flavour but I personally chose not to* 




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